Hair Donation – Learning How to Give at a Young Age

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Ella’s school had an assembly last year about an initiative for students to participate in “Rock Your Locks”.  It was an opportunity for students to grow their hair over the year and donate it to make wigs for kids with cancer.  We talked about it for a brief minute and Ella decided she wanted to participate.  It was one of those moments where you get that proud feeling as a parent.  I was so impressed considering Ella has always been such a girly girl wanting long Rapunzel-like hair.  She has never gone for a hair cut that was more than just a basic trim to get rid of the dead ends.  So the goal was set, she would continue to grow her hair over the next year and it would be donated the following year.

Over this past year, having her participate gave us an opportunity to use it as a starting point to discuss some of the more sensitive topics.  I struggled with some of the topics such as “why do people get cancer?”.  We have always made a point to not skirt around uncomfortable discussions with Ella and be as honest as we could about things (of course tempered to ensure it was appropriate for a 6yr old).  (more…)

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