About Me


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I am a working mom who never thought I wanted to have children.  I was never one of those people who were naturally maternal so unlike many of my friends, having kids was never part of what I envisioned would be a part of my life.  I gave myself a deadline to decide no later than when I turned 35.  Although my husband and I have been together since I was 20yrs old, we waited until the bitter end to have the discussion.  I was after all 35 by that time and needed to make a decision!  We actually created a pros/cons checklist and by a narrow margin we decided to give it the old college try.  Almost a year later with the help of a $2 baking soda and water solution that a fertility specialist recommended I try, I was finally pregnant!  Now looking back, it was a life altering decision as I have changed and grown so much more having had my Ella.  People tell you all the time that having children changes your life but I never believed them – I just thought that misery loves company and they wanted me to share in that.  Strange how your mind works to justify things.  So this leads me to this point where I am now and I hope to share many of my thoughts and experiences with you through this forum.  In turn, it would be great to connect and learn from all the parents out there as well.  So read on and I would love your comments and feedback.