Why Go to a Tattoo Shop to Get Your Child’s Ears Pierced?

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Ella is as girly as they come.  When it came to getting her ears pierced, we wanted to let her make the decision as to when (and if) she wanted to get them done.  Despite her fascination with earrings, she has been nervous as she associated it with the needle she got at the dentist or the shots she gets at the doctor’s so for a while now she has been content with using the stick on gems on her ears.

Recently, my mom not remembering that she doesn’t have her ears pierced bought her earrings for Christmas.  She loved them but of course she couldn’t wear them.  This was the moment she changed her mind and wanted to get them done.  Probing and making sure she was really “ready” she insisted that this was what she wanted to do despite the potential pain it might involve.  So I started to do my research.  Interesting enough I found a few articles on moms who decided to get their daughter’s ears pierced at a tattoo shop.  I initially was taken aback thinking about my impressions of tattoo parlours.  With more reading and also the recent surge of tattoos entering the mainstream and many more reputable shops popping up, I became intrigued about this option.


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