Packing my child’s lunch is my 2nd JOB!

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I remember as a child getting either the standard PB&J or baloney sandwiches along with an apple or banana and water or a can of pop packed in your standard brown paper bag (yes – I got a can of pop in my lunches!  Crazy eh?).

Now, instead of one lunch break, Ella gets two nutrition breaks which means I am packing TWO lunches instead of one.  And of course, with the no nut policy at the school, PB&J sandwiches no longer make the cut.  In addition, for some reason I thought I needed a cool lunch container with bento compartments which further complicated things as I now have to come up with 6 different things to pack each day for lunch as god forbid she eat two of the same thing.  Not sure why I did this to myself!


 I find myself spending time each night trying to figure out what I am going to pack for lunch that is nut-free, ideally covers all of the food groups, is as healthy as possible and something that she will eat!  No use packing these wonderful balanced lunches if she won’t eat them.

I label this whole process as my second job as it really is.  I spend time thinking (sometimes stressing) and planning the lunches almost as much as I would for a project at work.  Every Wednesday I signed her up for pizza day and Tuesday nights are the best nights as I only have to pack one lunch!  Also, I have a great friend who will give me some of what she makes for her daughter so this helps when I can take advantage of this.  Even with this support, I find that I still feel she needs different lunches every day and no repeats during the week.  Call me crazy as I know I’ve created my own problem with thinking this way.  I somehow feel like it makes me a “better” mom if I put effort into these lunches.  It’s that guilt again I guess of only having one child, choosing to work full-time instead of staying home and trying to prove that I can be super mom!

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2 thoughts on “Packing my child’s lunch is my 2nd JOB!

  1. I don’t think you act the right way. It seems to me that you are very revved about this situation. You accustomed your daughter with different meals each day, but as far as I am concerned you can repeat lunches during the week.

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