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Clipboard Showing Excellent Premium ProductI never thought I would be one of those obsessive moms and guess what I am!  I spend countless hours researching everything that I buy for Ella.  I’m sure I’ve read thousands of reviews and of course on-line shopping has been the best invention ever!  As a working mom, there are only so many hours in a day – with work, throwing something together for dinner, bath time and then spending time with Ella before she goes to bed, there is no time to shop.  That’s the beauty of the internet – I can wake up really early in the morning to do my research, add it to my cart and make my purchases anytime without having to worry about a store’s business hours – all of this before the sun even rises!  I hope to share many of the items that my countless hours of reading reviews has lead me to purchase and use below.  Hopefully you’ll find this useful and feel free to leave comments if you’ve had a chance to try any of these items or have other recommendations to share!

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Swim Float for Babies

Sugar-free snacks

SPF Treatment for Clothes

The Duct Tape of Creams

No Preservative Chicken Stock – just as good as home made!

Potty Seats

Step Stools for Potty Training

Flushable wipes

Public Washroom Toilet Seat Covers

Phthalates and Parabens – Why the fuss?

No Preservative Cold Cuts

I Love this Detangler!

Who Doesn’t Like to Jump on a Trampoline?

For My Little Princess – A Personalized Gift

Top 3 Chemical FREE Sunscreens for my Little One!

Ready for Back to School?  Don’t lose another item!

Tips to SAVE Money on Kids’ Clothes

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