The Duct Tape of Baby Creams

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Initially I purchased this cream as Ella had some dry patches on her arm that didn’t seem to go away.  We had showed these patches to our doctor and of course the doctor gave us cortisone cream which I couldn’t imagine using on baby skin.  As you know cortisone cream thins the skin and forever makes it more sensitive to everything!  The calendula cream worked wonders on the dry patches and in no time they were gone – all with a safe and natural option which was exactly what I was looking for.  From there I tried it when Ella had some redness and diaper rashes – again it worked to clear it up so I continued to use it off and on as a preventative to diaper rashes when I started to see any early signs.   I quickly threw away all the diaper rash treatments that I had purchased once I figured this out.  After that, anytime Ella had a scratch on her (she often scratched herself after I cut her nails) and it seemed to heal the scratch faster than without the cream.  I now use this cream for pretty much any skin irritation, scratches or dryness and it’s been our go to cream for so many things.  Of course for something major like a burn she had on her hand from grabbing the iron, we went to the specialized Polysporin cream but other than that, we’ve used this for pretty much everything else.  It has a nice light scent, nothing overwhelming and absorbs into the skin quickly without any left over residue.  For me, this has been the duct tape of creams!

California Baby Calendula Cream – 5 stars 5 stars

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