First Visit to the Dentist – not bad at all!

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I finally got around to booking Ella’s dentist appointment reading that they should start going when they’re three.  I didn’t know what to expect but my dentist assured me that they would only do what felt comfortable to the child.  At the very least, she could meet the dentist and sit in the chair and if she was agreeable they would to do a little more.

To my surprise, since Ella was in good spirits (although I’m sure putting on Aladdin helped) they did scaling and polished the teeth too!  The hygienist was great and also showed her how to brush her teeth and ensure she reached the very back tooth.  I didn’t think she was listening but when we got home, she did exactly what the hygienist told her to do.  Of course the dentist came in for the last little bit and looked at her teeth and counted them with her – 20 teeth!  They tried to take x-rays but that didn’t work out as she couldn’t bite the piece that the film was attached to.

All in all a great first visit and she’s looking forward to seeing her picture next time on the cavity free wall.  Thanks to Doctor Q and his hygienist for what was surprisingly a great first visit to the dentist!

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