For My Little Princess – A Personalized Gift

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As we decided to have only one child, it’s been a challenge not to “spoil” her.  Don’t get me wrong, we try very hard to ensure Ella is appreciative of what she has but like many families out there we seem to have SO many toys!    She’ll play with a new toy for a couple of days (a week or two if we’re lucky) and then she’ll move onto something else.  I probably should throw most of them away but yet I keep them around with hopes that she’ll play with them again.  In reality most of the toys end up collecting dust.

After 4yrs, we’ve quickly run out of gift ideas for Ella and resort to buying her some of the essentials but like many kids, she doesn’t get excited opening up a sweater or socks!  When her birthday or Christmas comes around and I get the question from family for gift ideas, I’m stuck.

I was recently contacted about a personalized princess book.  I thought it would be perfect since she is definitely a girly girl and loves everything to do with princesses right now – the only reason we went to Disney recently.

I filled out a quick form with her name, birth month, favourite colour, hair colour, name for her pony (I picked the name of one of her favourite stuffed animals) along with a few other details about Ella.  In addition I was able to write my own dedication and upload a picture of her.

I was skeptical at first as to how this book would turn out and whether they would slap on her name at the front and call it “personalized”.  I was completely surprised when I received my copy all the things that made this book so special!

princess book - coverprincess book - inside

Some of the special items are:

  • Her name is used on every page of the book and incorporated right into the story line
  • “Princess Ella” wore a crown with her birthstone
  • My special dedication is right inside the front cover, along with the picture I uploaded of her
  • The palace picture has our last name on the top of the entrance door and is referenced in the story as well
  • It is a very sturdy hard cover book which will ensure it’s protected for years to come
  • The picture I uploaded is cleverly used inside the book as a framed picture hung in the hallway of her castle
  • The princess dress is her favourite colour
  • Some of her special qualities and attributes are used right in the story line
  • She has her very own special pony named FooFoo!

I’m impressed with how all the personal things about Ella are used within the entire book, not only in the story line but within the graphics as well.  It is truly one-of-a-kind.  I was so excited (since I got it delivered to work) that I showed everyone in the office!

I was going to save it for a special occasion to give to her but when I got home that night, I couldn’t wait.  My heart melted with her reaction.  She was ecstatic about all the special references in the story that were specially about her.  She even asked, how did they know my favourite colour was purple and when my birthday is?  She wanted me to read it to her over and over again and now has also taken an interest to try to read it herself (bonus as this is helping with her reading skills which we’ve been working on).  It is now incorporated into our bedtime routine and she has proudly shown it to friends and family.  In addition to the princess book we got, they have lots of other personalized gifts as well which will come in handy for the upcoming birthday parties we have to buy for.  Thank you to I See Me!

Have you run across any other unique gift ideas for a little one?  Comment and share below.

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(Note: I received the complimentary book to review but all opinions above are my own – it truly was a special book for Ella!  No monetary compensation was given for this post.)

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  1. I love this book! I will definitely keep this in mind for birthday presents in the future. Thanks for sharing and cohosting the #ConfessionsLinkUp

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