Get Back 2-3hrs from Your Busy Week

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When Ella was young, it was a whole ordeal to take her to the store.  Ensuring she was fed, changed, timing it so it was between nap times so she wouldn’t be cranky, packing up all the essentials for our trip out and then driving around looking for a relatively close spot (of course all the family spots near the front were ALWAYS taken) and finally we’d get into the store!  Now that she’s a little older I now have to deal with her dragging her feet walking down the shopping isle, wanting to stop to look at things or nagging me to buy something for her.

Regardless of the stage, taking a child shopping with you always makes the trip twice as long!  This coupled with working full-time makes it very difficult to carve out spare time when we’re running around doing errands all weekend long.  Then I discovered that I could save all this hassle and save myself 2-3hrs each week!

I’m now obsessed with on-line shopping as it’s proven to save me a couple hours a week not having to drive all around town picking up groceries, toiletries, household items, clothes and the list goes on.  You’d be surprised if you added up your driving time and the time you spent in the store how much time it takes weekly to run all of these errands.  This coupled with dragging Ella around makes the process even longer.

Here are the sites I use to get everything accomplished and done even before Ella wakes up in the morning!

1. – if you are a prime member, you get guaranteed 2 day free shipping on almost anything you purchase (no minimum).  If you are not interested in paying the prime membership fee, free shipping is offered with a minimum $35 order.  It doesn’t take much to get to $35 and regular shipping is also quite quick.  I find I get items within 5 days for many of my purchases.

2. – I absolutely HATE going into a Walmart store because of line ups regardless of when I go.  Having an on-line option is awesome!  Free shipping with a minimum of $50 purchase.  Their sale items in the store are available on-line as well.  You can order for delivery pretty much anything except fresh groceries items.

3. – not only do they provide free shipping with a $50 minimum purchase but there is free shipping to return items as well!  Most of Ella’s clothes are bought from here now.

4. – although you have to pay for delivery ($10), they have coupon books which you can buy twice a year which makes delivery either free of half the price.  Their customer service is excellent – anything ordered that you are not happy with they will credit back to your account.  I got raspberries that came and were a little “squished” when they arrived.  I called and with no hassle I received the discount.

There are a few other on-line retailers I purchase from but the above 4 have made my need to visit a store virtually non-existent.  Those precious 2-3 hours a week adds up to 8-12hrs per month or over 100 hours in a year.  Hours much better used for family time, instead of maneuvering through the shopping isles!

Any other tips on how you find time savings for your family each week?  Comment and share below.

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28 thoughts on “Get Back 2-3hrs from Your Busy Week

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  2. Ha ha! I LIVE by grocery pickup and free shipping of non-perishables. I am such a “valued” customer I have gotten flowers, cupcakes, balloons, a gift basket, goodie bags, etc. because I order so much. And old navy for kids clothes shipping, sooo valuable! Thanks for the tips!

  3. These are awesome tips! I can’t remember the last time I lined up in the shopping mall. From the time you get to the mall, find a parking spot, walk to the store is already 20 minutes. I think we are generation online shopping. I am a huge fan of Amazon.

  4. Online shopping is great! I wish we had online grocery shopping… man that would be a life/time saver!

    Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop. I hope you can stop by and link up again tomorrow.

    Wishing you a lovely evening.

  5. I love this! And I love finding pockets available to save time. I try really hard to plan meals every week… it saves so much time when I can discipline myself to do it! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Vising from M2M Monday!

    1. Oh yes – the discipline. I’m trying to do more meal planning myself but it’s been spotty at best as I never seem to get to that. At least with the groceries being delivered we have food to throw together last minute!

  6. I love online shopping but I can’t quite do grocery gateway just yet. I signed up for an account and everything but couldn’t pull the trigger. I like walking up and down the aisles but I also live so super close that I don’t feel like I’m going way out of my way for it. Thanks for linking up #ConfessionsLinkUp

    1. I guess I am opposite – don’t find much pleasure in walking up and down the aisles but if you find that enjoyable then don’t stop. It’s worth the time spent if it brings enjoyment. For me it was saving time in the areas that I don’t find much pleasure in doing and find it’s a time sucker.

  7. Online shopping is such a wonderful thing. As someone who lives in a rural place, it is so important that they get here asap. We even shop for our groceries on line now and have them delivered. It saves so much time!

  8. Great tips for time management and getting more time to back!! I could use this… lol Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  9. When my daughter was first walking I found it quite enjoyable to shop with her as we took our time and pottered about through all the shops and I let her lead me into places she wanted to explore. I was in a mellow place, on paid leave, no deadlines to meet, and I thought it made sense to let her choose some places to look in rather than just expect her to follow me where I wanted to go.

    Those days have gone! But I am not sure if it was that early leisurely pace or not, but now my Miss Three is an excellent shopping companion. I let her stop and play on the toys if there are any and she lets me do all my jobs with no fuss. It’s especially good now I have a Mr 7 Months to contend with.

    I love the idea of online shopping, particularly grocery shopping, such a time saver. But I wonder if, because you can’t see them, the servers choose the least fresh produce, or the stuff that might not sell well on display?

    To answer your question, getting up 15 minutes early tends to help me, as does washing the two kids together and not every day. I also tend to cook dinner during another mealtime such as breakfast (if it’s a slow cook meal) or lunch so that it’s done by the time stressful dinner time arrives. Great post!

    1. That’s awesome that your 3yr old is a great shopping companion – nice that she allows you to shop without any fuss! As for the on-line groceries – I’ve never had any issues with quality and the fact that at ANY time you are not happy with the product regardless of the reason (ie. not as fresh as you’d like) they’d credit back the amount right away makes them more accountable to pick great produce. And your tip to cook another meal during breakfast is great – love this as I need all the help I can get to make dinner less stressful since we get home so late. Thanks for the tip – I’m going to put that one to use today 🙂

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