Homework Already in Kindergarten?

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Ella started junior kindergarten in September and I am surprised that they already get homework!  Not sure if this is normal but I don’t recall this being the case when I was a child.  Of course I welcome the opportunity for her to learn but I wonder if this is too much too soon?  This also increases the expectation for parent participation since she’s too young to read the instructions which means homework for me as well! 

Between keeping up with all the forms that come home, the communication binder, remembering to return her books for library day, convincing her to dress appropriately for gym day (she’d wear a party dress to school every day if I would let her!), finding nut free things to pack for lunch, not forgetting her show and share toy, we now have homework on top of it all.  Who would have thought kindergarten would be so much work for the parent!

Each week, we get an assignment on Friday that she needs to complete over the weekend.  One week, it was take all the shoes out of the closet and sort them into patterns.  Count the shoes in each group, draw a picture of each of the groups and write a word to describe each of the groups.  After all of this, we now created a mess that I have to convince her to help me clean up which she wasn’t as interested in doing.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a really neat exercise but after a long week of work, I really didn’t want one more thing to have to clean up!

Also, last month, they started their reading units for homework during the week (as if going to school for full days 5 days a week was not enough learning).  She is expected to work through the books (right now it’s the Top Dog series) that are short sentences, trying to sound out each word through repetition to read the 4-5 words sentences.  Crazy – who would have thought reading books mind you short ones started at 4yrs old!

I always thought it was the parents who wanted to get their children ahead of the game that would be doing this extra work on the side.  Nope – this is part of the curriculum in kindergarten.  Crazy how times have changed since I was a child.

Not sure if it’s just the school board that we are in or if anyone else if finding this with their child going through kindergarten?  Share and comment below.

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15 thoughts on “Homework Already in Kindergarten?

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  2. DD is in SK now, at least the homework hasn’t increased, and she’s choosing the books she brings home to read because she can read the titles!

    1. That’s good to know that the homework has not increased. I guess once they get some skills it will help lessen the support needed. Fingers crossed!

  3. Hello,

    I have a Senior in high school and a 6th grader. They both attended the same Elementary school, but because my Senior is the last year to go through the school system as a No Child Left Behind and My 6th grader is in her 3 rd year of Common Core. With Common Core now refried to as CC the strategy is to have them almost college ready by high school. The PARCC testing that they are being subjected to is insane, worse than ACT’s that Soph and Juniors are subjected to. Now I think 3rd grade and up will have to take the PARCC each year. More testing and teaching to the test than actual teaching and learning, and this is why your child is being subjected to homework and even earlier reading.

    If we did as Europe and actually taught our children there would be less of a need to cram in learning through homework.

    Good luck, I have always given my children a break between school and starting homework (who wants to come home from work and do more work) I put on the Egg Timer so they know how much time they have. They have grown into great students… The oldest was just accepted to San Francisco State University English Creative Writing program.

    Good luck mate.

    1. I love the egg timer idea! I am going to give that a try. And congrats on your oldest getting into the English Creative Writing program – what an accomplishment!

  4. I’m a reading specialist and I think it’s crazy and too much pressure on kids. My kindergartner is pressured to read all his sight words by January, which never happened. He still has trouble writing his letters and that’s okay, he’s just not ready for this yet.

    We have weekly reading to do…which we read anyway. Then he has online math and reading work to do…sighs. Stopping by from Mommy Monday Blog Hop

    1. Wow, knowing that you are a specialist and still feel that way makes me feel a lot better! I was feeling guilty for “complaining” 🙂

  5. This IS normal!! It caught me by surprise too!! Once they can read it gets better, but I feel like if they don’t force it not enough parents work with their kids at home. Unfortunately I think there are still plenty of parents who don’t help them… My son is in first this year they get homework every week, some of it is Hard!! I think he will out learn me by 5th grade LOL

    1. Oh my…I guess I better prepare for the reality that will exist. I hear you, I am sure I will need to get her a tutor down the road as not sure I’ll be able to help her either!!

  6. Kindergarten has changed so much over the last several years. I know that they are now teaching ABC’s, how to write, ect. It wouldn’t surprise me if they even had homework every night too.

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