How texting can improve your child’s learning

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In this day and age, I know there is a lot of thoughts about keeping your kids away from the phone and computer so imagine the reaction I get when I tell people I signed my 5yr old up for WhatsApp (free text messaging app)!

Now that you’ve had that reaction too, let me explain. Ella is in SK now and they’ve really started to focus on reading. We’re not talking about simple three letter words here and there but full sentences!  To complement this, she is also very interested in learning how to spell. We have a reading app that the school recommended on our iPad and she loves using that so I figured why not bring the learning to a medium that she’s interested in.  Glued to technology can actually be for used in a positive way!

I have an old phone that I no longer use and I created an account using our home phone number on WhatsApp for Ella.  I added all of her uncles, aunts, babysitters and anyone who would be interested in communicating with her.  You don’t need to have active service to your phone to use WhatsApp, all you need is a WIFI connection so it’s completely free for Ella to send and receive text messages.  In addition I turned off auto-correct so that she has to type out each word. Imagine the interest level she has with trying to spell words as she now has a reason to do it!

The benefits are easy to realize quickly. She’s interested in learning how to spell words, write short sentences and her reading has greatly improved as she wants to read the responses!

An added benefit has been the cute little messages she sends me when I’m stuck at the office working late.  It makes my day knowing that I can’t be with her at that moment but that she’s thinking of me. You can’t help but melt when you I get those messages and regardless of how stressful my day has been, it makes all the work worries go away 🙂 Funny how things quickly get put into perspective when you are reminded about what is important in life.


Do you have any other methods that have created success in your child’s reading and writing?  Share your thoughts below if you have any other tips to help with a child’s learning.

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23 thoughts on “How texting can improve your child’s learning

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  3. This is an interesting concept. I would have never thought to do that. Kids are growing up in an age where texting is HUGE. I wonder if texting will stick around…
    Kudos to your for doing what works for you and your daughter. 🙂

  4. Yes I reacted with shock but did read the post as I was curious! To be honest, I’m totally against kids using phones. My 11 year-old doesn’t even have one (although most of her class have iPhones. Baffling.) I just feel the world’s gone mad with the age at which they’re given all this and it’s more the dangers they’re exposed to via smartphones that worries me. But I respect that we live in a digital age. And I can totally see how lovely it must be to get messages from her as you say. I mean just look at that face!! Who wouldn’t melt? And actually, if I think about it, yes of course it would help her with writing.

    However, you ask at the end for suggestions on how people have helped their child with their reading. Books! Books books books. My most successful post ever on my FB page was a picture of all 3 of my kids reading books and a comment about keeping them off devices, a few months ago. Horses for courses I guess.

  5. Awwww this is SO SWEET! And I admit, I was a little surprised / skeptical at the blog title, but I totally agree it would be really motivating for the little munchkin… thank you for sharing at Friday Frivolity!!

  6. What a great idea. I am all for using the technology to help them learn and grow as they will be glued to it no matter what mine as well make it a possible outcome from it. I love whats app. Might have to do this with my little one too for my family back in the usa because it would be free I use it all the time. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  7. Stopping over from Small Victories Sunday. What an interesting. I wasn’t sure what I would think when I first found your post, but I think this could be a great way to not only help her with reading/writing, but also learning responsibility with the phone while you’re closely monitoring her and while there’s no actual phone service. Thanks for sharing!


  8. It’s certainly an interesting idea not sure I would want my 5 year old to have a phone good post thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

  9. What a great idea! My husband has an old phone that just needs to be charged. I could definitely take a page from your book here. My newly 4YO is just getting into spelling. She’s always asking me what things like BL6ON spell. Using Mommy’s phone is always a fought-over privilege, but now I have a much better use for it instead of the inane dress-up apps. Thanks for the inspiration and thanks for leaving me such a nice comment today. 🙂 Following you on G+ and Pinterest!

  10. Not a bad idea! My girls (almost four) have recently started to write their own names and recognise letters so this is something to consider. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  11. I think this is bloody brilliant! It’s not costing you anything, she’s learning, and it seems you are responsible enough to watch her with the phone and make sure she is not obsessed with it. I think you have it under control and she will have fun learning! Some kids have their parents phones all the time and access to so much more. This is a great way for her to learn and connect without having the internet!

  12. I’ve always had a negative outlook on texting as I think it inhibits the ability of teenagers to be able to effectively communicate in person, but this is an interesting perspective. Our little is going to grow up in this world and maybe it is better to just embrace the change and use it to our advantage

    1. I always hated all the short forms with text messaging and even using full sentences is discouraged. But at 5yrs old she doesn’t know any better nor has she been exposed to any these bad habits so it works great for us. I’m sure this will change as she gets into her pre-teen years when she’s communicating with her friends.

  13. Cute! I can imagine how uplifting it must be to get a positive message from your child when you’re having a stressful day! I’d never heard of WhatsApp, but I think it’s great that you were able to turn it into an educational app for her! I’m a big fan of using simple, everyday tasks to teach bigger lessons, so I think this is great!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #mommymeetupmondays!

    1. It’s pretty cute to get text messages from your 5yr old 🙂 I didn’t realize how engaged she would be in the process, it was kind of by accident as she saw me texting and was interested that I thought I’d give it a try. The bonus is that WhatsApp is free with WiFi and doesn’t require the phone to be activated to use but has all the features and functionality for text messaging – no restrictions!

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