Leave the Kids at Home. Adults only please.

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I was fine with turning 30, just another day but for some reason the thought of turning 40 made me go into mid-life crisis mode.  So for my 40th birthday, I wanted to go all out – Vegas style!  Vegas is one of those places you either love or hate and I am one that loves Vegas.  Although I’ll gamble a little bit when I go, there is so much more to Vegas that I figured it was a perfect way to leave my 30’s with a bang!

I coordinated an option for Ella while we were away, booked the flight basically for free and sent out an invite for anyone who wanted to join me and I was set.  There ended up being 13 of us in total – a pretty good number to have our own little mini party.

One of the perks of going to Vegas close to your 40’s is that we could spend a little more to enjoy the experience.  The Wynn hotel was one of those hotels I always wanted to stay at.  I figured I deserve to splurge a little especially for this milestone birthday.  Let’s say it was worth it – such a gorgeous hotel and they upgraded me to a corner room for free!


Lotus of SiamMy celebratory dinner was at the one and only Lotus of Siam.  For those of you who love Thai food, this place is awesome and surprisingly very reasonably priced.  We’ve been to Thailand and it’s as good as anything we had there.  The outside of the restaurant looks a bit shady but inside you find pictures of many celebrities that have eaten there.  It’s one of my most favourite restaurants and I’d probably just fly down to eat there (yes, I’m that obsessed with good food!).


IMG_0491After dinner we went dancing!  From what I learned before we went, the club regularly hits capacity and if you weren’t on the list it was at least a 2-3hr wait if you were even lucky enough to get in!  I knew I was getting old when the thought of waiting in line to enter a club was a deterrent to go in the first place.  Luckily XS nightclub was in the Wynn complex so we were able to pay for our cover in advance to see DJ AVICII (another first as I had no idea who this guy was until afterwards) and get on the list to avoid the long line ups.  It was a blast and we all danced our hearts out – so much fun!

To finish off our Vegas weekend, we did some shopping, ate some more great food, did a little gambling, the girls went to the spa while the boys went to Pawn Stars, we sat by the pool and overall packed in as much as we could.  For some of us, this was the first time going away without the kids and it was not only fun, but nice to have some adult only memories.  Thanks to everyone who shared this special weekend with me!

Comment below on your thoughts about adult only vacations.

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2 thoughts on “Leave the Kids at Home. Adults only please.

  1. I think every now and then adults should get a chance to unwind without the kiddies in tow. it gives us a chance to rejuvenate and be able to deal with the chaos of parenthood. I will say that I feel tremendous guilt when I am away from my kids which sort of makes it hard to get away.

    1. I too had that guilt – especially leaving her for more than one night. I tried to look at the big picture of me being a better mom once I was re-charged (or at least that is what I tell myself to get over a little of the guilt) 🙂

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