No Preservative Option for Cold Cuts

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There are nights where I just don’t feel like cooking and especially after coming home from a long day at work.  Trying to find something quick and easy and relatively good for you is sometimes a challenge.  When it was just my husband and I, we would eat whatever was available but of course with Ella, I’m trying to be a little more careful.  Serving a sandwich was always an easy solution but the options for cold cuts was always filled will a ton of preservatives!  No wonder every time you pass a deli counter, they were always stacked to the rim with packaged meat in their back-up fridge (and it wasn’t because they sold through it weekly).  In the last year or two I have found limited options without the preservatives at some deli counters.  Longo’s makes their own in-house no preservative option which is seasoned with salt and pepper and depending on the cut a few herbs and spices but unfortunately it’s only sold in some stores.  I’ve recently discovered an option from Maple Leaf which makes it easier to find in almost any grocery store and even better I can order it through Grocery Gateway!

When Ella started eating solids and had a few teeth to chew food, I tore up the cold cuts into smaller portions with a side of cucumbers or avocados and lunch was served.  Looking ahead to Ella going to full-day school next year and having to pack her a lunch, an option to pack a sandwich is even more of a need.

Comment below if you’ve found any other options out there or have other thoughts to share.

One thought on “No Preservative Option for Cold Cuts

  1. Marketplace on CBC did a story on deli meats…turns out even the deli meats with the “natural” label still contained nitrates, which they disguised in an ingredient called cultured celery extract (or something similar). It appears the celery extract contains less nitrates and is therefore not supposed to be as “bad” for you, but the story concludes to say that deli meats in general are not great.

    But as with everything, as long as it’s consumed in moderation, I’m sure it’s fine!

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