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As I always buy clothes for Ella in the off-season for the upcoming season, I had purchased a highly rated snowsuit that had grow with me features from LL Bean thinking we were set for the winter!  I never had any issues with Ella and clothes before so I was set for this winter or so I thought.

When we had our first snow fall, I pulled out the snowsuit when getting ready for school and Ella threw a fit.  She refused to wear the snowsuit, crying uncontrollably.  Not that we had time for this but after about a 10 minute “conversation” with me completely frustrated she had agreed, well sort of agreed, to pick between two options the new snowsuit or the snow pants from last year.  In tears, she chose her 3yr old snowpants which I had to stuff her into.  I had to adjust the straps so low that the bib that was supposed to be at her chest was close to her stomach, but at least she was in snow pants.  Later that day, Ella’s teacher told me she was in full tears again at school when they had to get into snow pants to go outside.  At the very least I thought seeing the other kids in snow pants would make it easier for her teacher but nope – she had made up her mind – no snow pants!

So that evening after again a long discussion, I found out that she would only wear light purple snow pants with no bib.  So of course I got on my computer and started to hit every site I could think of to no avail.  Every picture I showed her of snow pants was not the right colour.  Tossing and turning in bed that night, all I could think of was snow pants – did I mention that I have slight OCD tendencies?  I was all consumed with finding light purple snow pants as I couldn’t go through the daily tears with fighting to get her very tight 3yr old snow pants on.  I figured, it must be the colour on the web-site and went ahead and ordered the closet option hoping and praying that it would be the right colour.  With expedited shipping, it came fairly quickly but of course it was the wrong colour, more fuchsia than light purple.

Columbia snow pantsThen I was speaking to a friend and she mentioned she had purchased light purple snow pants for her daughter at a local sporting store on sale before winter – I was ecstatic!   I went on-line right away to take a look and again, only found dark purple in the same brand – just my luck the colour was discontinued.  Luckily the store had some stock left and I paid $85 for snow pants, an absurd amount considering I always got deals and never paid full price previously for anything.  The thought of paying this much for snow pants that she would outgrow in two years (these two had grow with me features) still bothered me to no end.  I tried to convince myself that at least they were light purple, she was wearing them and I could stop spending so much time searching for snow pants which helped a little.

So lesson learned, she now has her own opinion on what she will and will not wear and a deal in the off season is a waste of money if she won’t wear it!  Still I was bothered by the thought of paying full price knowing that my friend had purchased them for less than half.  I kept the receipt and waited and was over joyed when they went on sale on boxing day and went right away to get a price adjustment.

In the end, Ella got light purple snow pants which she is wearing daily and I got my deal on them after all!

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One thought on “No SNOWPANTS!

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