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In researching potty seats, there were a few things that I looked for.  It needed to be comfortable and easy to clean.  After some research I ended up purchasing two options:

1. Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer – 5 stars 5 stars 

Baby Bjorn Potty SeatThis potty seat is basically one piece of molded plastic (PVC/BPA/phthalates free) with a small coloured strip around the outside but no real crevice for things to get stuck in.  It has a splash guard which isn’t as critical for a girl but might be good for a boy.  The seat was very comfortable for Ella to sit on for an extended period of time and did not leave any imprints or marks on her.  If there was any residue left on the seat, it was easy to clean under running water.  We have an oblong toilet seat and it fit well without any shifting as there is an adjustment under the seat to help it fit snugly.  This adjustment only needed to be done once as it doesn’t seem to shift or move when taking the seat off and putting it back on repeatedly.  In addition, it had a built in hook that we could hang the potty seat from which was a nice feature.

2. Prince Lionheart WeePod – 4 stars 4 stars

Prince Lionheart WeepodThe material this potty seat is made of resembles the material on the bumbo chair so it was very comfortable and easy to clean.  It is one molded piece with small suction cups underneath.  Although the seat stayed in place once Ella was on the seat, the suction cups didn’t do much to affix itself the toilet seat.  At the beginning when we were lifting Ella up and putting her on the potty this didn’t matter but when she tried to get herself onto the seat, it did shift around.  The splash guard on this potty seat is higher so it might be more appealing for boys.  I liked this seat as an option for travel since it was not hard plastic and could be packed in our luggage without any worry that it would crack or break.  We brought this potty seat with us on many of our trips.


Have you tried other seats that have worked well?  Share below.

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