Preparing for GR1 Reading Requirements and a Reading Light Review

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I am very surprised at the expectation for reading coming out of Kindergarten these days.  Not sure if my memory is failing me in my old age, but I recall kids eating glue and maybe being able to read a few simple words such as cat or dog when I was in Kindergarten.

In preparing for Grade 1 this September, we went to a parent’s meeting a little while ago to ensure we were informed about what to expect since it was a fairly big transition for most kids.  There was a focus on what reading level they should be at by that time – level 6.  I had no idea what level Ella was at and went home and asked her.  She told me she thought she was at level 2 which put me into worry mode thinking she might be behind!  I later found out from asking her teacher that she was at level 4.  Funny thing is that I thought she was reading really well for a child in Kindergarten and would have guessed that she was ahead of where she needed to be not behind.  The reality was much different from my assumptions!

Since the parent’s meeting, we’ve been actively working with her on improving her reading abilities to ensure she would at least meet the level 6 requirement.  From using unconventional methods such as setting her up for a WhatsApp texting account to engage her with wanting to read, to the more conventional method of having her read every night before she goes to sleep.

Shortly after we started our concerted reading efforts, I was contacted by 1byone to review a portable LED desk lamp.  This was perfect as I was looking for a reading light since the light in her room cast shadows when she read in bed and wasn’t quite bright enough.  I was worried she would strain her eyes without proper lighting so a reading light was definitely needed.  We have used this light for a while now with our reading routine every night and here is a summary of my thoughts on the light.

reading light 3DSC_0476DSC_0475

What I like:

  • Three options for different types of light (natural light, bright light and a softer light) along with a dimmer to control the intensity of the light
  • Cordless (comes with a micro USB cable that can be attached to charge when needed)
  • Lasts over 20hrs on one charge (we only have to charge it every other week for our use)
  • Bendable base to get the perfect angle you need or hang it from above
  • Solid construction but still very light and easy to throw in a bag to bring with you anywhere (in the car, on the plane, to the cottage etc.)

Suggestion for changes:

  • Extension or something that could attach to the base if you wanted to elevate the light when it’s sitting on a night table

I’m happy to report that Ella’s reading level has shot up to Level 9 after several months of implementing our reading routine!  I can now stop worrying that she’s behind where she needs to be.  A side benefit with her being able to read so well now is she can read my text messages to me in the car when I’m driving. 🙂

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(Note: I received the complimentary light to review but all opinions above are my own.  No monetary compensation was given for this post.)

15 thoughts on “Preparing for GR1 Reading Requirements and a Reading Light Review

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  4. Congrats to you and Ella, you’ve done a great job in helping her, and she is a smart little girl! Love this. I had no idea that this is what kids are expected to know in Kindergarten and First Grade! We learned our ABC’s in Kindergarten and even to tie our shoes! LOL Probably ate a bit of glue too.

    Love that this light gives her enough light to read, but keeps the room cozy too. What a great idea, it certainly helped her achieve her goals! Congrats again.

  5. It’s great that you found ways to keep your daughter interested in reading while improving her skill level. There is no one clear way to get a child to enjoy reading while improving their skills, we just have to be willing to try different things until something clicks and they want to read more.


  6. I think it’s amazing what children can achieve when they’re given the right support and guidance. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  7. it’s amazing how advance the kids are even at grade 1/primary 1 compared to our time. My little boy is also at primary 1 and they’re also being encouraged to read a lot in school which is really good. The Lampshade looks fab and having bright light is really beneficial if kids read at night. I think I might need one for my little boy as well. Great Review! #binkylinky

  8. Love the portability! Where can I purchase one?
    On a side note, nothing is more exciting than watching your little one making leaps in reading. You just wait, her writing will make jumps hand in hand with reading. Enjoy your book talks!

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