Product Launch: PYUR – Is it that easy to use and “smart”?

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I was recently contacted regarding a new product that just launched – PYUR.  It is supposed to be an easy to use web-filtering device that is “smart” and learns our family’s surfing habits so that it can essentially differentiate on-line shopping for lingerie for Valentine’s day vs. surfing for pornographic sites – hmmmm….we’ll see what it can do.  And you are supposed to plug it in and that’s it to start monitoring all computers, tablets, smartphones without having to install any software on each of the devices.  It got me at least curious.

I know we currently have a filter at work that drives me crazy as we’ve tried to block some time wasters for staff and it ends up blocking things that we need to get access to.  I’ll be interested to see how smart this device is as I know right now we have to monitor Ella like a hawk when she’s on YouTube (yes – I let her watch YouTube when I need to get some things done – guilty as charged!).  I find there are so many links to other videos on YouTube and you never know what crazy person out there is posting something with popular search terms such as “Frozen Elsa and Anna” just to get a hit on their site, but have completely inappropriate content.  There is a cost to purchasing the device and yearly subscription to the service so I guess that is the biggest consideration – weighing the cost of the device and the subscription fee vs. the service it provides.  We will wait to see….

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