Ready for Back to School? Don’t lose another item!

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Everyone who has sent a child to daycare, school and/or camps knows that regardless of how distinctive the hat or other clothing item is, the teacher or camp counsellor will not remember who it belongs to if it gets separated from your child.  Inevitably something gets lost or you have to search through the pile of items in the lost and found to retrieve the item.  That’s why I went label happy!

A few months ago, I was contacted by Sticker Kid and was given samples of labels to try.  So that’s exactly what I did.  It’s taken me a few months to write this post as I truly wanted to put them to the test.  So I am happy to report that Ella and I have put them to the test for the last four months (at school and many camps).

lunch container before and after

shoes before and after

swim wrap before and after

What I liked:

1. Labels stick and stay put.  After four months of going through the washing machine, dishwasher, everyday use by a 4yr old they are all still securely stuck.

2. Lots of choices to personalize.  I like that you get to personalize with different colours, pictures and fonts in addition to the child’s name on the label.

3. Quick delivery.  They are made in Switzerland and I received my item in about a week despite coming all that way!  Remember to change your country at the top when ordering as they deliver all over the world.

4. Clothing labels were removable.  I really liked the idea of the removable clothing labels.  With Ella being an only child this allows us to pass them along without the labels.

What I thought could be modified to make it even better:

1. Clothing labels had to be ironed on instead of stuck on.  I wasn’t able to iron on to synthetic material (ie. bathing suits) so labels couldn’t be used for all clothes.  Also, if there was a stick on option I would have preferred to skip ironing altogether if possible.

2. Small label was too long for some items.  Not all things that Ella owns has a long enough flat surface to fit their small label length.  It would be nice to have a shorter small label as an option.

We haven’t lost anything that has been labelled yet so here’s hoping that streak continues – thanks Sticker Kid!

Do you have any other tips on how to keep all the kid’s items from getting lost?  Comment and share below.

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(Note: I received complimentary personalized stickers from Sticker Kid to review but all opinions above are my own!  No monetary compensation was given for this post.)

11 thoughts on “Ready for Back to School? Don’t lose another item!

  1. I love my labels from Stickerkid. I ended up getting the Baby package for Corinne. I do agree that the iron on is a bit more tedious then the stick on labels. Our kids are so luck now. Back then it was just marker! Thanks for sharing. #ConfessionsLinkUp

  2. I’ve never heard of this label company. Nice to have a review after you used them for four months. I hate to say that I used to just use a Sharpie pen…eek!

  3. I am all about labels. Especially since my kids where uniforms identical to 650 other kids in the school. Hats, mitts, water bottle, and sunglasses, you name it all. 8 years in school both kids combined, so far only one neck warmer went missing. I also find the labels useful for their footwear as some after school activities require them to take shoes off before entering and there could always be another child with the same looking pair of boots. My favourite brand is Mabel’s labels. Variety of sizes, styles, and purposes as well as dog tags for backpacks and lunch bags. Your school can also sign up as a fundraiser option and receive 10 % off.

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