Stories to Share

Parent ideasI always found it strange that you needed a license for everything, getting married, driving a car, operating a boat and the list goes on but there are no conditions or pre-requisites for having a child!  As all first-time parents know well, these little ones do not come with an instruction manual and once you’re in there are no returns/refunds/exchanges – they are yours for life – for better or worse, to mold and shape and even if you do everything right there’s still a chance that things won’t go as you had hoped.

I’d like to share some of my stories with you as we go through the stages with Ella.  As with everything else, everyone has advice to give but this is more to share our experience more than anything and an outlet for me to unload a little.  If you have other tips to share, please add them to the comments section as the more real life experiences the better.

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Why Go to a Tattoo Shop to Get Your Child’s Ears Pierced

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