Summer Camps – babysitting or worthwhile?

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So like most working parents out there, the thought of summer break for the kids gets you planning WELL in advance as who gets two months vacation from work???  And even if I think Ella could probably survive taking care of herself at home or tagging along with me at work, option 1 will get me arrested and option 2 will get me fired so the planning begins.

My goal for her in the summer is to ensure her brain doesn’t going into paralysis. 🙂  So the debate begins, are the camps I’m looking into just another form of babysitting or will she really get something worthwhile from the experience?  Not that I don’t want her to have fun – it is summer break after all, but it would be good if she found it fun while still she picking up a new skill or some other take-away from the experience.  Keeping this in mind, the search both on-line and talking to friends began.

We are lucky to be in a city where there are lots of options.  In the end, we’ve decided to sign up for:

1. Swimming camp – she’s comfortable in the water since we have a pool but I feel proper instruction in technique on how to actually swim will go a long way.

2. Cheer camp – a combination of cheer leading and gymnatics which will be good for her to work on her coordination as she, like me was born with two left feet!

3. Music camp – piano lessons stop over the summer so this will keep her going with a more fun approach and without the demands of the practicing we have during the year.

4. Real Reptiles camp – although Ella is a girly girl to the core, for some reason she is not scared of bugs or little critters.  I’m sure she will love being able to pick up and/or touch lizards, snakes etc. at this camp and they even get to go on a field trip to a zoo!

Ella is excited to participate in all these camps this summer so we’ll see once she goes which one is her favourite.

Comment below if you have come across any other great camps for your kids as I’m always on the look-out for new ones.  This is our first summer at this so hopefully I’ve picked good ones for Ella.

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22 thoughts on “Summer Camps – babysitting or worthwhile?

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  3. I loved camp as a child and we used to go to several. Sounds like you have the summer lined up beautifully. Have fun! Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round #sharewithme

  4. My kids love going to summer camps/activities. We have a museum that does archaeology digs for kids and has a forensics and lego robotics classes. A lot of the parks also have their own summer classes too.

  5. We don’t really have camps like this here (that I know of) but they sound really awesome!! I’d struggle to choose! Are there ones where you can do a bit of everything? That’s the kind I think Gabby would really love, a bit of music, a bit of dance, a bit of swimming, that sort of thing?! Anyway, good luck choosing :)…

    Hang on, I miss understood – she’s doing them ALL! Wow, what an awesome summer she’s going to have 😀

    Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

  6. I’m convinced things like this should be more common in the UK, we don’t really do summer camps, not sure why, just not something that has ever taken off over here. Which is a shame as they look like great ways for kids to learn a little independence as well as what ever the camp is aimed at.

  7. It’s so wonderful that you have so many options! We really don’t have a whole lot of choices around here. I hope your daughter has a wonderful summer!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays!

  8. Stopping by from the Totally Terrific link party. Sounds like you have some great options! My little guy is still small but his daycare offers a summer camp program that we are really excited about. We’ve explored the weekly curriculum and activities they have planned and feel comfortable that he will continue to be enriched. They are starting a super why reading program with them that we are very excited about! For two year old’s? Never too early to start 🙂 Exploring the facility, getting feedback from other parents, and asking a lot of questions to ensure you feel comfortable has always helped us. Enjoy your summer 🙂 Winks and Eyerolls

  9. This will be our first summer attending “Camp Mom.” AKA – first time I won’t rely on expensive summer camps to enrich our girls. I’m excited to see if I can do a better job than the programs we’ve paid for in the past. While a few have provided excellent enrichment, I do feel like we spent a lot of money on so-so babysitting labelled camp. Wish me luck! (And it sounds like Ella will have an excellent summer).

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