Crib or Toddler Bed?

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As soon as Ella approached two years old, I started to ask anyone and everyone when the right time was to switch her out of the crib.  Given that she was officially heading into her toddler years, isn’t it natural to switch beds as well?  As the time approached the decision was made for us as she started to climb up and jump out of her crib several times per week.  The days when we could leave her in her crib and come to get her on our timeline was over.  In addition, the fact that she was jumping down posed yet another risk – what if she fell and sprained or even worse broke her leg because we neglected to switch her from the crib?  So one night before bedtime I made my husband take our convertible crib apart and switch her over.  Boy did I regret making that decision as the perfect little sleeper became a waking toddler often coming to our bedroom several times a night.  I was insistent that she didn’t sleep with us so every night I walked her back to her room and stayed with her until she fell asleep.  I became a zombie due to lack of sleep while still having to get up and function at a full-time job.  This couldn’t go on for very long so I gave in and let her sleep in our bed.  After a few weeks of her spinning and kicking in her sleep despite the fact that we have a king bed, didn’t make it a restful sleep for any of us.  I decided to start sleeping in her room on the floor beside her instead.  In my mind this was a compromise – at least she wasn’t sleeping in our bed and kicking me every night.

In hindsight, the better solution would have been to put her in a sleep sack so she couldn’t lift her legs high enough to jump out and we would have enjoyed several more months of restful nights!  So for all the parents out there wanting to make the switch, my advice would be to really think about why you are doing this and not jump to make the switch if you don’t need to.  Of course you may have a second child coming therefore needing to free up the crib but if you can hold out, do so as long as you can.  Not sure why I was so set on switching Ella to a toddler bed in the first place and if I had to do it over again I would have waited.  My friends who did wait – some still having three year olds in cribs have been fortunate enough to have many more restful nights then me.

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