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All for French Immersion – is it worth it?

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This past January, I like many other parents had to register my little one for JK.  As I prepared to have Ella get ready to enter “real school”, I started to hear more and more things about French Immersion (FI).  Yes, French is a dying language that is not as useful as say Mandarin around the world these days, but I figured it would be “included” and they had to go to school anyways so it couldn’t hurt – right?  Also, now that we’re starting to look forward to retiring one day (yes – we are getting old), the perks of a government job  with their retirement packages seemed to be a choice I wanted Ella to have down the road.  It’s crazy that at 4yrs old, I’m thinking about her retirement!

So I started to make a mental list of pros/cons to confirm my feeling that I was going to put her into the French Immersion stream. (more…)

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