Get Back 2-3hrs from Your Busy Week

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When Ella was young, it was a whole ordeal to take her to the store.  Ensuring she was fed, changed, timing it so it was between nap times so she wouldn’t be cranky, packing up all the essentials for our trip out and then driving around looking for a relatively close spot (of course all the family spots near the front were ALWAYS taken) and finally we’d get into the store!  Now that she’s a little older I now have to deal with her dragging her feet walking down the shopping isle, wanting to stop to look at things or nagging me to buy something for her.

Regardless of the stage, taking a child shopping with you always makes the trip twice as long!  This coupled with working full-time makes it very difficult to carve out spare time when we’re running around doing errands all weekend long.  Then I discovered that I could save all this hassle and save myself 2-3hrs each week! (more…)

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