Changing Schools – Who’s more stressed the child or parent?

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Ella recently started grade 1 a few weeks ago and because she’s starting French Immersion she had to switch schools.  That meant leaving some of her friends behind, starting to take the school bus and a whole new environment – just as she was getting so comfortable with her current school.  I spent countless hours worrying about the transition.  It didn’t help that Ella was really upset at the end of June (both she and her teacher shed tears on the last day of school) and she specifically told me she didn’t want to change schools.  That threw everything into a whirlwind, making me second guess the whole reason I uprooted our family to move to a new school district in the first place.  For months leading up school starting I worried (but of course trying to keep a cool exterior).  So many questions kept running through my mind.  (more…)

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