Packing my child’s lunch is my 2nd JOB!

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I remember as a child getting either the standard PB&J or baloney sandwiches along with an apple or banana and water or a can of pop packed in your standard brown paper bag (yes – I got a can of pop in my lunches!  Crazy eh?).

Now, instead of one lunch break, Ella gets two nutrition breaks which means I am packing TWO lunches instead of one.  And of course, with the no nut policy at the school, PB&J sandwiches no longer make the cut.  In addition, for some reason I thought I needed a cool lunch container with bento compartments which further complicated things as I now have to come up with 6 different things to pack each day for lunch as god forbid she eat two of the same thing.  Not sure why I did this to myself! (more…)

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