Tips to SAVE Money on Kids’ Clothes

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When I was pregnant I went nuts with researching and buying baby stuff.  Once we knew we were having a little girl, I became obsessed with all the cute baby clothes out there!  I purchased items and didn’t care if she was only going to wear them for a short time.  I figured we were having only one child so why not!?!  And then the bills came in and I quickly realized that a couple hundred dollars doesn’t go a long way these days and of course the cuter the outfit, the more expensive it was.  So despite my pregnancy hormones overwhelming me with the need to buy adorable little outfits for my precious little bundle, my bank account forced me to reconsider.

So I approached baby clothes as I did with planning anything else to do with my little one.  I quickly discovered that with three steps, I could save hundreds on my clothing bill for Ella. (more…)

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