The Closest to Homemade Chicken Stock

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I always made baby food for Ella.  She seemed to like soups so off I went buying chicken bones and vegetables to make my own chicken stock.  As many know, this doubles or sometimes triples the amount of time to prepare a dish.  Even with bulk cooking and freezing smaller portions for her to have later, I still found it to be a lot of work.  I decided to look into using premade chicken stock and went to the common brand which I’ve used many times before having Ella – Campbell’s.  I was surprised to see all the ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce or other preservatives contained in Campbell’s Chicken Broth.  I assumed with it being a broth instead of a fully prepared soup that it should be pretty basic and natural – boy was I wrong.  Unfortunately the other alternatives at the grocery store were not much better and yes I read every label in several grocery stores!  So, I continued to make my homemade broth while still hopeful that I’d find a better alternative.

On one of my trips to Costco, I decided to see what they had just in case.  I was ecstatic to find that their very own Kirkland brand of chicken stock was exactly what I was looking for and as simple as you can get for ingredients.  Not that you can buy small quantities at Costco anyways, I stocked up.  I figured with a year’s shelf life, I would have no problem using it up.  Unfortunately after two times purchasing the Kirkland chicken stock, I couldn’t find it anymore at my Costco.  I went to others and no luck either.  A few months later my sister found it again at a Costco in the states and I’m now stocked up again.  Not sure why the Canadian Costcos or at least the ones I’ve been to in the GTA no longer carry it even though it clearly states on the box that it’s a product of Canada.  If anyone out there finds it at a Canadian Costco – please let me know!

So much time saved not having to make stock from scratch!

Kirkland Natural Chicken StockKirkland Natural Chicken stock ingredients

Kirkland Natural Chicken Stock – 5 stars 5 stars


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