For My Little Princess – A Personalized Gift

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As we decided to have only one child, it’s been a challenge not to “spoil” her.  Don’t get me wrong, we try very hard to ensure Ella is appreciative of what she has but like many families out there we seem to have SO many toys!    She’ll play with a new toy for a couple of days (a week or two if we’re lucky) and then she’ll move onto something else.  I probably should throw most of them away but yet I keep them around with hopes that she’ll play with them again.  In reality most of the toys end up collecting dust.

After 4yrs, we’ve quickly run out of gift ideas for Ella and resort to buying her some of the essentials but like many kids, she doesn’t get excited opening up a sweater or socks!  When her birthday or Christmas comes around and I get the question from family for gift ideas, I’m stuck.


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