Who Doesn’t Like to Jump on a Trampoline?

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Not sure I’ve met any child who hasn’t loved to jump around on a trampoline – my daughter included.  When she was about 18 months, I put her in gymnastics class and when they were asked to do the circuit, the bottleneck was always at the trampoline station.  I wanted to get one for home but most of what I found was either too expensive or too large to put indoors.  I figured it would be good exercise during the winter months especially when we’re often stuck inside due to the cold.  Also I didn’t have room nor did I want to devote my entire basement to a full size trampoline.  The options were one of those ones where you hold onto the handles and it makes sounds when you jump on it which I ruled out since there was limited space they could jump on or a smaller round version of the full size.  I settled on one that had netting and protection around it as I figured it was safer.  This was one of the best purchases I have made to date as it’s gotten so much use.  Anytime we have friends over, the trampoline is in constant use – what better way to wear them out for a good night’s sleep and keep them occupied so the parents can talk and have a beverage!

trampolineElla is 3yrs old and almost 39″ and still fits well in the Skywalker 40″ trampoline.  Weight restriction is 100 pounds.  We’d had this trampoline for just over two years and it still looks brand new even with constant use by many children.

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