Tips to SAVE Money on Kids’ Clothes

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When I was pregnant I went nuts with researching and buying baby stuff.  Once we knew we were having a little girl, I became obsessed with all the cute baby clothes out there!  I purchased items and didn’t care if she was only going to wear them for a short time.  I figured we were having only one child so why not!?!  And then the bills came in and I quickly realized that a couple hundred dollars doesn’t go a long way these days and of course the cuter the outfit, the more expensive it was.  So despite my pregnancy hormones overwhelming me with the need to buy adorable little outfits for my precious little bundle, my bank account forced me to reconsider.

So I approached baby clothes as I did with planning anything else to do with my little one.  I quickly discovered that with three steps, I could save hundreds on my clothing bill for Ella.

  1. Find a few brands that fit your baby’s size fairly consistently.  All parents know that despite the label indicating 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 2T, 3T etc. that not all babies/kids are the same and not all fit from brand to brand is the same.  In our case, we found that Carter’s/OshKosh, and Old Navy/Gap sizing fit Ella extremely well while Gymboree was big, Children’s Place was small etc.  Once you can fairly easily rely on buying certain brands and knowing how it will fit, you reduce the time wasted to exchange/return items and the chances of wasting money on things that they won’t be able to wear.
  2. Plan ahead for the next season and take advantage of the end of season deals!  I always buy Ella’s clothes one year in advance so for example this winter, I already have almost all of her clothes purchased for the next winter and I’ve been doing this since she was a baby.  I’ve been able to buy brand name items for 50-90% off regular price.  I’ve been doing this year after year and I’ve only had under 10 items not fit properly over the last 5 years due to this strategy.  And given that I rarely pay over $10 per item the amount of savings I’ve been able to take advantage of well outweighs the risk.  And if you buy a tad large, it isn’t a big deal as you can always roll up pants or sleeves and dresses still look cute even if they are a tad long or a tad short (that’s what those cute diaper covers are for!).  Several parents I talked to were hesitant to buy their clothing in advance as they never knew how quickly a child would grow but you start to get a feel for how your baby falls on the growth curve and if they are average or above average they will likely keep on that track so you can buy your sizing accordingly.  This coupled with #1 above, helps you predict what sizing they will be next year at the same time with specific brands of clothing.
  3. Sign-up for e-mail coupons and notifications.  As some of you may know, I’m all about on-line shopping for the time savings this gives me.  This is also an advantage coupled with the e-mail notifications as I can quickly act on the end of season/clearance sales to ensure I get the best selection.  In addition there are often coupons for an additional savings such as 20% off the lowest sale price so I can double dip on savings.  This has helped me to keep to my target budget of no more than $10 per item of clothing.

In addition to the enormous savings following the three steps above, we also get some hand me downs which is great to take advantage of as well.  The savings has allowed me to splurge on a special Christmas or birthday dress every year for Ella without any guilt!

Please share and comment below if you have any other tips that have worked.

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21 thoughts on “Tips to SAVE Money on Kids’ Clothes

  1. Nice post ! kids clothes are expensive I always browse, to hunt the coupons for my kids’ clothes shopping and take advantage while saving.

  2. Fantastic tips here for kids clothes. I think sometimes we can get carried away with buying kids’ clothing and accessories. I am a huge fan of buying and selling on ebay for my two. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  3. These are great tips, and when the kids were little I definitely looked at end of the year sales. Sometimes if you get them cheap enough if they don’t fit you can resell them for the same price or gift them, a WIN WIN situation. Great ideas for parents to save money!

  4. Wonderful tips!

    My mother-in-law LOVES garage sales and has bought clothes for my girls, so much so that I rarely have to buy them anything other than the occasional package of underwear or socks. Eventually my oldest will need us to buy her clothes though.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  5. Some great tips! I’m quite superstitious so just bought the bare essentials for our daughter – but little did I know my mum and mother-in-law were busy making up for it! It was lovely of them, but it also meant Marianna had so much stuff she never even wore. We ended up donating loads of it to the NCT. We try to buy more realistic amounts now. 🙂 #FridayFrivolity

    1. Oh yes, the grandparents are always there to help! I found too that I was overwhelmed with newborn and 0-3 month clothing when we announced our baby news. But after that, we had to fend for ourselves with purchasing clothes and that’s when all of this kicked in for me. Glad you found the tips useful!

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