Defender for Not-So-Clean Public Washroom Toilet Seats!

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It’s always a joy to get away from changing diapers but the thought of having your little one toilet trained and using public washrooms makes my stomach turn.  Of course they are not tall enough to squat or do any other acrobatic maneuvers to avoid touching the seat so there were two options; either I pack a full kit of cleaning supplies and clean every public washroom we visit out there or find something to protects Ella from sitting directly on the toilet seat.  After some research, I decided to try the Neat Solutions Potty Toppers and Potty Cover.  Different from the toilet seat covers that sometimes comes provided in public washrooms, these covers have a coating on the top to prevents any left over drips or residue from soaking through to the top.  The Neat Solutions Potty Toppers had three small adhesive strips that stick directly to the toilet seat avoiding it from moving around while you try to get your child positioned on the toilet seat.  The Potty Cover was a much larger cover which had a full front piece that covered the front of the toilet which ensures no contact with clothes or shoes to the front of the toilet either.  In the end I chose to go with the Neat Solutions Potty Toppers primarily due to the adhesives on the back.  They sometimes are a little tricky to get off and once you’re done and peel it off the toilet seat to throw away (they are not flush-able), there have been a few occasions where the adhesive strip remained on the seat instead of coming off with the cover.  Obviously a combination of the two covers with an adhesive and the full front cover would be the most ideal but unfortunately this does not exist.  I was more worried about the cover shifting and contact being made with the toilet seat itself then with Ella accidentally kicking or hitting the front of the toilet bowl.  Besides there  is a small overhang with the Neat Solutions Potty Toppers so you get some protection from the sides.  Also from a pricing standpoint the Potty Covers are almost twice the price of the Neat Solutions Potty Toppers which for me wasn’t justified for the functionality I needed.  The added bonus is that I can use these too!

Neat Solutions Potty Toppers – 4 stars 4 stars

Potty Covers – 3 stars 3 stars

What’s your public washroom ritual with your little one?

One thought on “Defender for Not-So-Clean Public Washroom Toilet Seats!

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