Why Go to a Tattoo Shop to Get Your Child’s Ears Pierced?

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Ella is as girly as they come.  When it came to getting her ears pierced, we wanted to let her make the decision as to when (and if) she wanted to get them done.  Despite her fascination with earrings, she has been nervous as she associated it with the needle she got at the dentist or the shots she gets at the doctor’s so for a while now she has been content with using the stick on gems on her ears.

Recently, my mom not remembering that she doesn’t have her ears pierced bought her earrings for Christmas.  She loved them but of course she couldn’t wear them.  This was the moment she changed her mind and wanted to get them done.  Probing and making sure she was really “ready” she insisted that this was what she wanted to do despite the potential pain it might involve.  So I started to do my research.  Interesting enough I found a few articles on moms who decided to get their daughter’s ears pierced at a tattoo shop.  I initially was taken aback thinking about my impressions of tattoo parlours.  With more reading and also the recent surge of tattoos entering the mainstream and many more reputable shops popping up, I became intrigued about this option.

In a nutshell, here are the reasons why I chose to go this route for my 6yr old daughter:

  • Sterile tools and surrounding environment.  Piercing guns at the typical mall can not be fully sterilized and who knows what diseases may survive on there.  They are not even kept/handled in a completely hygienic way – sometimes just shoved in the bottom of a cabinet.
  • Needle vs. dull stud.  Studs used inside piercing guns have a dull end that is pushed through the ear instead of a sharp hallow needle used at the tattoo shop.  Why choose to force a blunt object to force through the skin tearing it along the way instead of a sharp one?
  • A professional.  Piercers do this all the time – that’s their specialty.  I wouldn’t trust my car to be fixed by anyone but a mechanic so why would I make a different choice for something that might put my daughter’s health at risk.
  • Advice and guidance.  The advice I received was so valuable on how to take care of the piercing and ensure it heals well.  Did you know you no longer use alcohol to clean the pierced area but instead you use a saline solution?  Also, I was given the direct cell phone number of my piercer and was told to call/text anytime I had questions.
  • Follow-up appointment.  Included in the fee was a follow-up appointment in 4-6 weeks to ensure that everything was healing as it should.  I never heard of this before and coupled with being able to call if I had any questions at any time, put my mind completely at ease.  They really take this seriously!
  • Earring selection.  I had initial sticker shock at the price of the earrings used for the piercings but then found out why titanium earrings are the most hypoallergenic option out there (even more so than surgical steel!).  Also I figured if I was going to splurge on earrings, I would get an option in gold or silver instead.  Surprisingly and contrary to what I initially thought they actually posed a higher risk than titanium for a reaction due to the need to mix other alloys in there – no such thing as completely pure gold or silver earrings.  And during the healing process you wouldn’t want the open wound to be directly touching anything that could lead to a bad reaction.

Of course, you have to do your research to ensure you are going to a reputable tattoo shop but the one I went to was very clean and completely opposite to what I envisioned one would look like.  Also, the piercing took a good amount of time from start to finish was very thorough with what she did.  If you’re curious how it all went, check out the video I took that day.

Does your child have their ears pierced? Are you thinking about it? Do you have any other tips or want to share your experience?

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21 thoughts on “Why Go to a Tattoo Shop to Get Your Child’s Ears Pierced?

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  4. My sister got her daughters ear pierced and i freaked out that time . She cried terribly because she got it done at her age at 12 and that time the skin was too hard for her 🙂 landed here from top mommy blogs, and voted for you too 🙂

  5. What a great idea. Reading through your points, It makes so much sense. Tattoo shops have very strict guidelines about how sterile and clean they need to be. Years ago we got our daughter’s ears pierced at a mall kiosk. They ended up getting extremely infected, and it was years until she tried again. Your daughter did great! And you did a great job by researching the topic. Sharing for other parents. Love it!

  6. I had mine done aged 11 at shop in the indoor market and they became infected and swollen. When the time comes I’d definetly take mine to a specialist place like a tattoo parlour, makes complete sense when you really think about it x

  7. I never would have thought of going to a tattoo place instead of one of those cheesy kiosks at the mall like I did back in the day. But you are absolutely right that it is a far safer place for it.

    Thanks for sharing on #FridayFrivolity

  8. I had one done years ago and it hurt if I remember my twins don’t have them done and I’m not in rush to have them done cross that bridge when we get to it I suppose really informative post Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  9. I remember going to a jewellery store when I was a kid to get my ears pierced. I’d definitely take mine somewhere that I’d done my research on. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

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